Ross Hilleary
Assistant Director of Planning & Zoning, City of Fishers
Fishers Arts & Culture Commission Member

"The City of Fishers is honored to have a Becky Hochhalter mural now gracing the Nickel Plate Trail in downtown
Fishers, Indiana. The Fishers Arts & Culture Commission released an RFQ in Fall 2020 for large scale mural on a
parking garage and Becky rose to the occasion. While the concept went through several iterations through
feedback sessions no one was prepared for the craftsmanship and artistry that went from sketch to reality. Becky
was able to work with commission and various city leadership to create a uniquely Fishers mural that depicted
our two high schools, our love for cultural and music events, our ties to Indiana’s history, our community’s
inclusivity, all while respectfully honoring a K9 officer killed in the line of duty. Becky went above and beyond what
was expected from the scope of work, personally inviting the K9 partner’s family to participate in adding to the
mural, Becky saying it was “a highlight of [her] career”. Becky finished the mural on time and within the budget
and has exceeded the Commission’s and community’s expectations. The Nickel Plate Trail is in its infancy and
“Blazing the Trail” by Becky Hochhalter will now be part of the story for decades to come."


Stacey Muncie
Digital Storyteller & Editor,
Office of Communications & Marketing
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

"I have had several artists illustrate my column, The Riot Act, but no one has so deftly conveyed my words into visuals as Becky. Her artistic ability is exceptional, but more than that she is able to intuitively grasp the overall feel of the piece and create a companion illustration that perfectly complements my words. She would be an excellent choice for anyone seeking a visual storyteller for books or other print projects."


Terry Hogan
Senior Vice President – Wealth Management,
Senior Portfolio Manager, Senior Investment Management Consultant
The HSC Group, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

"Becky Hochhalter is an integral part of our company’s marketing and creative effort. She has done at least 50 projects for us in recent years. She is a rare combination of intelligence and kindness. As an artist she sees what others only catch a glimpse of. Incredible."


Mary Atteberry
Vice President, Communications & Marketing – Retired
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

"Apart from her considerable talent and creativity, Becky is the consummate professional who meets deadlines and communicates well. Her work always delivers more than imagined; it surprises and delights!"


Joe Card
President, C.A.V.U. Ops, Inc.
Manufacturing & Industrial Supply

"Just a brief description based on first hand experience… working with Becky Hochhalter was a journey for our company in that we had an opportunity to observe how a true professional operates in the world of creativity. In addition, Becky’s respect for the critical importance of timelines and budgets was observed and appreciated… top off all of these talents with her positive project focused personality and you’ll have an across the board winner!"