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Vigo County Courthouse (Print)

Vigo County Courthouse (Print)

16"x20" print on art paper


(framing not included)


Dedicated in the summer of 1888, the Vigo County Courthouse is a fully functioning courthouse to this day, and is a focal point of downtown Terre Haute.


The courthouse features a two-ton bell which was installed in 1897 and partially funded by monies bequeathed for this purpose to Vigo County in the will of Francis Vigo, the namesake of the county.


At a cost of $443,000, the current structure is the second courthouse built for Vigo County, and was constructed in the Second Empire style with limestone acquired from quarries in Stinesville, Indiana. The roof, dome, and other architectural details are crafted from cast iron. A variety of unique sculpted reliefs adorn the facade, and the grounds of the courthouse are home to numerous military monuments as part of the Vigo County Veterans Memorial Plaza.


Each piece in this series will include a historic building from the Terre Haute area and is printed on quality matte art paper.  A nice gift for the history buff or anyone who has great memories of Terre Haute, Indiana.  Start your collection today!

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